What is Dr Toolbox

Dr Toolbox is an award winning UK based website set up and run by clinicians. Its purpose is to be a collaborative local knowledge resource. The site helps clinicians in training retain local knowledge and pass it onto their successors, improving efficiency and improving patient safety.

It is updated and regulated by local Editors who review information and ensure it remains updated. Contributors and users should be aware that information contained on the site is continually reviewed and subject to change.

Who creates a local site

If you are interested in setting a site up for your hospital please get in touch. The site is then maintained by a team at your hospital usually comprised of:

  • A Lead Editor, usually a trainee, to co-ordinate the collection of survival guides and other information
  • A Local Administrator, who is a permanent member of staff to authorise editors and ensure the project continues when the Lead Editors change hospital
  • A Toolbox Champion, usually a senior clinician who will be able to support you in your role. They will help to be an advocate for the project, provide overall governance and help ensure continuity when Lead Editors move on.

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Value in healthcare award winner

It includes

  • Survival guides for Specialty firms
  • Bleeps and Extension numbers
  • How to make speciality referrals
  • How to request specific investigations
  • A resource for teaching and post graduate medical education

It is a website and app

  • Password protected
  • Easily updatable via the website interface
  • Specific to junior doctors working at their individual hospitals
  • Available from the hospital intranet, a home computer or a mobile phone
  • Simple to set up for NHS trusts

Only validated clinicians will have access to review and edit. Note it is:

  • Not for patient information
  • Not for sensitive information (e.g. passwords)

Toolbox Leadership

Dr Will Barker

Dr Will Barker. Founder, Director
MRCGP 2016, now also working as a GP in South London

Dr James Houston

Dr James Houston. Co-Founder and Joint Lead
James has a previous degree in Engineering, Economics and Management prior to studying Medicine
He is currently a Trauma and Orthopaedic Registrar within South West London, and maintains a keen interest in the role modern technology can play in medical education and patient safety.

Other Toolbox Team Members

Dr Ed Mew

Dr Ed Mew. South West England Lead
Anaesthetic Trainee in Severn.

Dr Imran Qureshi

Dr Imran Qureshi. Patient Safety Lead
BMJ Clinical Adviser for Quality & Safety. Microbiology Consultant London


Dr Toolbox presentation by Dr James Houston


When starting a new hospital job, often there is lack of information readily to hand on how to carry out the essential tasks such as make referrals or book investigations. Dr Toolbox is a robust and systematic way for doctors to be able to share this information. This reduces the time it takes for doctors to 'learn the ropes' improving the work environment and ultimately patient care.

The concept for this site was developed by Will Barker whilst in his FY1 year. In collaboration with James Houston, Ed Mew and Imran Qureshi the idea has spread to many other NHS hospitals and is already resulting in tangible improvements in patient care.

Contact us

You can contact us at support [snail] dr-toolbox [period] com.

You can join our mailing list and receive monthly bulletins here: http://eepurl.com/ry0Qj.