Screencast: Using the Dr Toolbox app

Dr Toolbox iPhone App Demo

The Dr Toolbox App downloads the content of your hospital toolbox and stores it for future reading even when the device is disconnected.

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When your device becomes online, the App reconnects to the server and is updated to the latest version.

You need:

  • A recent iOS™ or Android™ device.
  • The "quick access password" for your hospital toolbox. This is usually shared during induction. You can request this clicking the link on the hospital sign in page.

You can watch a screencast of the app on this page, and see a few screenshots below.

Home of the St Mary's

Landing page of one toolbox, downloaded for offline reading.

Customisable sidebar

The sidebar can be adapted depending on hospital needs

Offline search

You can quickly find pages, even when the device is offline, with the built-in search function.


Telephone/bleep directory

The telephone/fax/bleeps directory. Click on an extension to call it directly from the app.

Find in page

"Find in page" allows you to instantly filter the large directory (or any other page).

Extension dialler

You can dial any hospital extension, eg. to respond to bleeps.